Canon 55mm Camera Lens

For photography enthusiasts, the Canon has always been one of the top choices. Financial terms of technique and the 55mm lens is quite reasonable choice for you. Here I present to you a 55mm lens for Canon: 

Adapting a Canon FL 55mm f1.2 to EOS EF camera mount.

I Picked up a Canon FL 55mm f1.2 with the intent of converting it to an EF mount for EOS system. I documented the process, except for the element cleaning...
First off is to strip the lens of its FL/FD mount and the auto aperture apparatus. Remember to save the three screw that mount the auto aperture mechanism to the lens body.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 1

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 2
 I used an M42 to EOS adapter for the EF mount.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 3
Determine where the TOP part of the adapter is when mounted to an EOS camera, so the lens is upright when mounted to the camera. (marked here with a sharpie)

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 4
Use the removed auto aperture mechanism as a template by marking the mounting screw holes on the underside of the M42 adapter.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 5

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 6
Mark and drill holes for the mount screws.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 7

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 8

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 9

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 10

Remove the A M aperture select ring. Do so carefully as there is a tiny ball bearing located between the lettering on the ring and the lens barrel. The tiny bearing is held in friction with the removed ring by the tiny spring seen below.
55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 11

Use the A M aperture select ring as a template for a 1/16th inch thick spacer to fill the space between the EF mount and the A M aperture select ring, when the lens is reassembled.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 12

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 13

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 14

Reattach the A M aperture select ring with ball bearing in place. Attach your EF mount to the lens barrel an trim up the spacer you made. De-bur the area around your mount screws so as not to damage your camera.

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 15

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 16

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 17

55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 18

Attach it to the camera and you are ready to go. Have fun!

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3 Types of 55mm Camera Filters for Special Effects

All 55mm camera filters have their specific uses, although the general functions include augmenting image quality and creating special effects. Presently, most 55mm filters comes in sets or in a group containing several sets. If you intend to purchase your own set of camera filters, consider getting the following pieces or sets for instant special effects for your images.

Color filters

This is basically self-explanatory, but you need not buy every color filter you find. There are camera filters that can be screwed one on top of the other for multiple effects. A red color filter with a yellow color filter will create an orange filtered photo. There are also filters for sepia and gray-scale.

Polarizing filters

These camera filters are perfect for far-off landscapes that need definition while removing any fog or haze in the foreground. This is great for making far-off mountain ranges and other geographical landscape appear clearer while improving the foreground's color and definition.

Star Effect filters

This lens filter actually looks like a typical lens until you focus on a light source. There you will see the effect depending on how many points your star filter has. If it's an eight star point filter, you will see all the light fixtures with a glowing eight-point star. The same is true with five point, six point, etc.
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Canon 5D Mark III will have something new?

Many people hoped the upgraded version of the 5D Mark II will be much improved on video.

The rumors about the next upgrade to the EOS 5D Mark II, Mark III, will appear on the market about 11 months to 12 years. The latest disclosure shows that this version will have more advanced features than the 1Ds line close to the AF system will be improved compared with the recent 7D.
55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 1
   5D Mark II version
Some initial information showed that the new version will have a resolution of 28 million pixels, 63 metering zones, 30/25/24 Full HD video frames per second and improved noise reduction.

In the January CES in Las Vegas (USA), when asked about the launch of the 5D Mark III, Canon's representative though not disclosed, but also not denied. The representative also asked whether those who wish to care what features will appear in this new version. Many people have expressed their wish to the Mark III will have more improvements in video quality and adjust for better sound, including integrated XLR jack, the ability to simultaneously produce HD video while shooting, more frame rate ... In addition, other features like auto focus in low light conditions, more powerful microprocessors, high-speed continuous shooting and more ... also hope more people will be improved on this new version.
55mm camera, 55mm camera lens 2
 1Ds Mark III version
With more features and production to areas of the EOS 1Ds, especially full-frame sensor and HD movie, series 5 is expected to replace a series of segments of high-level full-frame, and a series that the upgraded version is expected 1Ds Mark IV can take up a higher level, such as sensor size larger than full frame. Least due to the encroachment of the 5D Mark III field, 1Ds Mark IV version almost certainly will not appear this year.
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