Canon 5D Mark III will have something new?

Many people hoped the upgraded version of the 5D Mark II will be much improved on video.

The rumors about the next upgrade to the EOS 5D Mark II, Mark III, will appear on the market about 11 months to 12 years. The latest disclosure shows that this version will have more advanced features than the 1Ds line close to the AF system will be improved compared with the recent 7D.
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   5D Mark II version
Some initial information showed that the new version will have a resolution of 28 million pixels, 63 metering zones, 30/25/24 Full HD video frames per second and improved noise reduction.

In the January CES in Las Vegas (USA), when asked about the launch of the 5D Mark III, Canon's representative though not disclosed, but also not denied. The representative also asked whether those who wish to care what features will appear in this new version. Many people have expressed their wish to the Mark III will have more improvements in video quality and adjust for better sound, including integrated XLR jack, the ability to simultaneously produce HD video while shooting, more frame rate ... In addition, other features like auto focus in low light conditions, more powerful microprocessors, high-speed continuous shooting and more ... also hope more people will be improved on this new version.
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 1Ds Mark III version
With more features and production to areas of the EOS 1Ds, especially full-frame sensor and HD movie, series 5 is expected to replace a series of segments of high-level full-frame, and a series that the upgraded version is expected 1Ds Mark IV can take up a higher level, such as sensor size larger than full frame. Least due to the encroachment of the 5D Mark III field, 1Ds Mark IV version almost certainly will not appear this year.
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